I am an Internationally certified Personal Trainer and Group Aerobics instructor through American Fitness & Aerobics Association of America (AFAA). Additional certifications in Midlife Fitness for Women, Injury Prevention and Exercise Progressions, Practical Pilates, Official Zumba & Zumba Gold Instructor.

My focus is women's fitness of all ages. I motivate and empower them to new success in their lives while having FUN!! 

You will begin by learning the proper body mechanics of all movements to be used in your group or personal training session.  The curriculums are tailored  to each individual for personal training. The GROUP AEROBIC classes are high intensity, low impact, full body workouts.

The benefits of Personal training are waking up in the morning feeling more Energized/Healthier, seeing the Inches come off your body, needing to buy better fitting clothes, developing Confidence in yourself, and an overall feeling of success.

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Certificates will open in a new window.

Personal Fitness Trainer certificate  Personal Fitness Trainer
Midlife Fitness for Women Certificate  Mdlife Fitness for Women
Group Excercise Instructor Certificate  Group Excercise Instructor
Injury Prevention and Excerise Progressions Certificate  Injury Prevention and Excerise Progressions
Official Zumba Instructor Certificate  Offical Zumba Instructor